Global Ecommerce Revenue to Grow 19% in 2011, predicted JP Morgan

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According to the annual New Year report by JP Morgan senior analyst Imran Khan, global ecommerce revenue will grow nearly 19 percent in 2011 to the tune of $680 billion. In the US alone, Internet sales are expected to grow 13.2 percent to $187 billion.
And the snowball is rolling fast. By 2013, JP Morgan analysts predict ecommerce revenue will hit a staggering $963 billion.
Naturally, those shopping online are doing so in increasing numbers, with 38 percent of shoppers buying items or services online at least once a month. Those who don’t shop online declined to 12 percent in 2010 from the 20 percent that reported never shopping online in 2007. Higher end consumers are most often likely to shop online, with 34 percent of those who make more than $100,000 or more shopping at least three times per month.

However, ecommerce rates are growing significantly slower than online advertising space. While stats as of 2009 estimate that ecommerce sales represent 3.9 percent of US retail, online advertising comprises 13.7 percent of all advertising in the US.

The future blooms bright for ecommerce, as does finding a parking space in the mall next Christmas season. Why brave stressed out crowds when Google is just a keyboard or app away?

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