Idiom: Third time’s a charm

Meaning of “Third time’s a charm“:
- After no success the first two times, the third try is a lucky one.

Meaning of “Third time’s a charm“:
- The third time’s a charm or three strikes and you’re out? … Pausing for a couple of seconds, Allen responded, “Third time’s a charm,” his confidence … (Columbus Ledger-Enquirer – Apr 7, 2012).
- She might have pronounced she’d never get married again, but turns out third time’s a charm for Halle Berry. The actress has confirmed that … (OK! Magazine – April 17, 2012).
- Anheuser-Busch InBev next earnings report comes out on the week of April 30th and investors will find out if third time’s a charm for positive earnings … (Seeking Alpha – Apr 10, 2012).
- Jamie Moyer has to hope that the third time’s a charm tonight as he gets his third attempt at his first win of 2012 and becoming the oldest major leaguer to … (Rox Pile – Apr 18, 2012).

Meaning of “Third time’s a charm“:
- The quote “third time is a charm” is an American idiom that means after two failures you are more likely to succeed on the 3rd attempt. It may be associated with an English idiom “third time lucky” or “three times lucky”. Apparently a criminal was sentence to hanging and after 3 unsuccessful attempts they let him go.
- The first citation of “Third time’s a charm” is in The Weekly Sentinel, June 1912. This is in a rather snooty court report about a Mrs. Martha Carliss, who had been twice married previously and ‘gave her name as’ sixty four:
“That Mrs. Martha Carliss evidently believes in peace and happiness in wedlock and that she probably thinks third time’s a charm is shown by the fact that she was granted a license today to marry Andrew W. Mowery.”